Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Non-Local Local Happenings for that Ass

The Midwest is the place I rest. I got family in Detroit, Chicago, TC, Madison, Milwaukwee and even St Louis, dig. Taking a page from Bun B (cuz the Fat Money is toooo tril), "we all different but we all rep the same thangs," namely making good music and hustling like raindrops to get it out there. If yer in any of these areas, show some love:

TONIGHT: Turf Club Announces a Hip-Hop, Jazz and R&B Oriented Night


Wednesday December 10

w/ Great Lion White Snake, Kredentials, Quilombas AND HOUSE DJ – DJ Anton

9:00PM - $4 – 21+

The Turf Club is proud to announce a series of hip-hop, jazz and r&b oriented nights booked by Sean 'Twinkie Jiggles' McPherson of Heiruspecs. The series is called Reloaded Wednesdays, in homage to the Groove Garden series, Freeloaded Wednesdays, that took place in the late 90s at the Front in Minneapolis. The series will bring together new and established acts who don't play fucking rock music.

Wednesday December 10 will be the twelfth Reloaded Wednesday event. The Great Lion White Snake will be taking the Reloaded stage for the first time under this name. The group is a bit of a vehicle for brothers Casey and Graham O'Brien to flex their funk muscles. The brothers O'Brien with Marcus Schmid (Wookiefoot) on organ and Scott Devlin (Test Type 67 and Reverse Cowboy) on guitar and voice. The group flexes their feels over Meters classics and beautiful originals. The flyer says the band is called the Jerry Louis Farrakhan Klezmer Ensemble but they were asked to change their name by the estates of Jerry Louis, Louis Farrahkan and the little known writer Farrakhan Klezmer. The rising hip-hop stars Kredentials are also gracing the Reloaded stage with their presence. This live hip-hop band has been rocking stages across the Twin Cities and making a name for themselves as an air-tight live show. These guys bring an unmistakable energy to their music and their career. Reloaded is honored to have them on the stage.Quilombolas are one of the most well-known bands to be joining the Reloaded scene and their reputation precedes them. This Minneapolis based world-fusion band has been playing together for many years and their style has cemented them as one of the most sought after acts in the Twin Cities. DJ Anton will be manning the wheels of steel and killing it as he is wont to do when on those tables. DRINKING JENGA continues, no crazy drinking games, just jenga with a beer in your secondary hand.

(good stuff...)

or, a little further East:

My man D. Allie is a hungry cat who is deep in this rap shit. He'll be playing a big show in Detroit at the Magic Bag with a handful of other big acts, including always-tight Street Justice. Here's a song download from dude to wet yer appetites:

Also, check my man youtubing it to see what the hustle is about:

D. Allie has some good thoughts on rap and what it means to be an artist, which are including in his "Musician's Manifesto," which I'll be sharing with you all in due time. For now, head over to Michigan and check out this show. While yer there give the dilsnik to them auto execs, bailout these nuts old man. FTW (Forever Two Wheels)!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Give 'em Room: Background Noise Crew doing it BIG

For all my uninformed trawlers out there not from Minnesnowta, the Twin Cities is so thick with rap royalty that I have no reservations calling it the center of Midwest Hip Hop (Fugg Kanye). You cain't throw a medium-sized stone on the southside of Minneapolis without hitting a dope MC. In that vein, the Background Noise Crew is just a group of six young men that just wants to make dope rrrap. Putting it work for a minute, their simmering (on the low-low) activities have recently boiled over into plenty of creative product for a listening public eager for something hype.

First check out their site for the really real and concert updates:

The latest heater is "Room to Operate," another raw yet refined platter of illness. (unfortunately this techno dinosaur still hasn't figured out how to post audio to the ole blog, so go to the Web site and listen for yerself herbs)

If that weren't enough, the multi-venomous unit is releasing a series of six "webisodes" (more like clever visual commercials definitely worth checking out), the first two of which are already up on youtube: Floss at least once a day kiddos.

All this is centered around Background Noise Crew's newest series of releases, a "Sad Clown Bad Dub-like series" called "Everybody Does This." Self-awareness is sorely lacking in the game.

The Fat Money gives love to all who are out there working hard to give the world good new Hip Hop. Extra propers due to those who do it in creative ways. That's what's up!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The great mystery mixtape experiment...

Holla scholars.

For grizzled old heads like you and yours truly, stumbling onto a new artist that truly hits you is an ever elusive event. Shit, I still remember getting my copies of 36 Chambers, ATLiens, and Ready to Die for pennies in the mail offa that Columbia House catalog and having my wig blown back way back forever...when's the last time a total mind-fugg of rrrap awesomeness happened to you??

There is no chance for new favorite artists without random stabs into the heart of the indie Internet hip hop clusterfuck. That's why I'm posting a series of mixtapes sent to me by a cat named Sweeny Kovar ( According to son these are more like playlists full of dope ish rather than mixtapes, as the mixing is poor to non-existent. Whatever's clever. Haven't listened to 'em, maybe never will, but hidden gems look to abound here...I see some Royce the 5'9'', some J Dills, some Elzhi...right up the Fat Money's ole alley, dig? So peep and support. Son posted even more (older) mixes up on the aforementioned blog if ya'll still ain't satiated by these platters of fatter matter:

CDRadioFour: (featuring Jaylib's "Bonus Beat")

CDRadioFive: (featuring Kev Brown, Black Milk, etc)

FreshSelect's very first mixtape:

CDRadioSix: (featuring spoken word by late, great Nuyorican poet, Miguel Pinero)


Cashusking & Blu- Angelic:

If anyone actually peeps the formulas, let me know if they're any good-- The Fat Money knows time is money, which makes my time fat. It moves slow and doesn't get far, I need more ears than I presently have. Spread some love...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dub MD presents new mixtape: "Hip Hop Renatus"

Don't sleep on this one. It features a slew of lesser known lyrical talent over "New, Rare, Classic & Unreleased" instrumentals from production l-l-l-legends like J Dilla, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, ?uestlove, Large Professor, Oddisee, Illmind, Marley Marl, Madlib, 9th Wonder and others, so at the very least there's gon be some choice beats to head nod to.

"Renatus" is a Latin term meaning Re-birth: exactly what the game needs right now. Exactly what the earth needs right now. Exactly what my fuggin whole like need right now. Dig it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mixtape ov the Day: DJ Rondevu's "The Depression"

(Why does the recession feels so depressing? Probably because even us lucky ducks with gainful employment hate our jobs. But fear not, music as escapism is still a valid pursuit...)
So for all you pod-heads eager to fill up that massive empty space in your life (oops I mean hard drives), here's another collection of solid mainstream rrrrrap mixed up nicely by my man DJ Rondevu.

*check out track 16, "Interview with that Palin Bitch" if nothing else, or the reprise of Bun B's "That's Gangsta" with Styles P. Now that's gangsta and gentleman, man.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Combating cultural amnesia 1 mixtape at a time: Throwback rap from the Arsonists

Free download of a mix made in 1998, featuring a slew of classic and rare tracks from that group the Arsonists. If you don't know, ya better... (and shit, if you don't know how to finish that phrase up, you really better...). For those with short attention spans, the Arsonists were (are) a tight and multi-faceted group out of Bushwick (Brooklyn!) who promoted all the elements of Hip Hop culture with passion and action. Wikipedia says they originally had 13 members, damn. Anyway, no blingin out here, jus real real good music.

1998: the year of puffy and cash money, the year we all thought the music couldn't possibly get any worse....ha!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

thinking bout end of year top tens

folk, fam, flim, flam,

As is inevitable every year, holiday season for me means not presents and cheer (the Fat Money is notoriously broke and cantankerous) but end-of-year best and worst of lists. Only this year, after a few nights spent tossing and (as they say) turning, I am really at a loss as to clear album favorites from 2008. A variety of factors may be at fault: I've basically given up buying CDs (a far cry from my hey-day of $100/week on music conspicous consumption, big up Cheapos); the artists that are usually money have come with weaker-than-usual efforts (the Dude, Weezy, etc); my memory is shot from one (or 500) tooo many spliffies; the music industry sucks. Basically, it seems like this was a(nother) down year for our beloved hip hop (remember 95? Me neither).

I'm wondering if I'm alone in this feeling. Also, I'm sure there are at least ten amazing indie/inderground/local joints that I've either forgotten about or haven't gotten my greasy hands on. What I'm asking for from you, my loyal readers (no doubt all of you discerning experts on rrrrap), are suggestions on some ov your favorite discs from the last year. Whereas others might call this sort of blanket pandering lazy journalism, I like to think of it as an effective form of populist collectivization (sans pleas for the free coinage of silver, read your history kiddies).

My preliminary list includes Bun B, Z Ro, The Roots, Steinski, Q-Tip, Prof EP, Muja Messiah...But what am I overlooking?

Leave a comment with anything you can think ov. Peace peace!